Scale Your Brand And Drive Sales With Digital Marketing

We take the complexity out of digital marketing so you can focus on what you're good at.



Feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing? You're not alone!

It's all too easy for SEO, social media, emails and ads to take over your life - leaving little time to focus on the parts of running a business that you actually enjoy.

Let us help! We'll take care of all the time-consuming and tedious details so that you can focus on what matters most - chasing your passion and running your business.

No more struggling with SEO, social media posts, emails, blogs or ads – instead just sit back and let help you through it. Ensure your success without having to be bogged down by the details.

Don't let digital marketing become a barrier between achieving goals.

Let us handle everything so can get back doing what made you start this amazing journey in the first place!

Meet Kirsten.

My name is Kirsten, founder of Knuppel Marketing. I have been working in the digital marketing space since I graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. But does a college degree really count for anything? Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work under several incredible mentors and have worked with brands around the world to further their success. I am passionate about not only helping brands like yours connect with their target audience and grow, but helping tell the story behind each brand and promoting the values your brand stands for.

In my personal time you can find me traveling, gardening, baking, and spending time with my family.

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Digital Advertising

- Google Ads

- IP Targeting


- Product Photography

- Model Shoots

- Headshots


- Videography Management

- Content Editing

Social Media Marketing

- Meta Ads

- Platform Management

- Social Media Strategy


- Brand Strategy

- Brand Development

Graphic Design

- Content Creation

- Ad Creation

- Printed Materials

Email Marketing

- Content Creation

- Branded Designs

- A/B Testing


- Social Media

- Advertising

- Email

- Blogs

Unfold Your Story. Share Your Message. Connect With Your Audience.

Give Your Brand It's Own Personality


4 Critical Steps To Success  

Working with Kirsten (me) means working with someone that shares a passion for helping brands like yours resonate with their target market and drive product sales through proven marketing strategies and brand development.

Step 1: Onboarding

During an onboarding call we will review the strategy and then get everything set up and connected. We will also spend a little time reviewing any assets that need to be created and how that will be done.

Step 2: Asset Development 

Depending on your brand's needing we will spend time creative assets such as ads, landing pages, copy, etc...

With experience in photography, video production, and graphic design, Kirsten has developed the skills needed to create and/or coach clients through any creative projects that arise.

Step 3: Approval & Launch

During the development process you will be getting consistent updates as well as requests for feedback and approval on each creative asset. Once each asset has been approved it is time to launch!

Step 4: Review, Evaluate, and Adjust

Once ads are launched they will consistently come under review and evaluation where we will decide what is performing well and adjusting what could perform better. Your success is our success so we will constantly be working to improve and grow each marketing effort. 

Never be left wondering how your ads are performing, or where things are at. Each client can expect 1-on-1 calls with Kirsten whenever needed, written progress updates and reports, as well as monthly review meetings to discuss strategy and further growth.

Our Mission.

To help brands resonate with their target market and drive sales through proven marketing strategies and brand development.

We aim to help our clients reach their goals by goals by providing efficient and effective solutions that are customized to meet their needs and exceed their expectations!

Your success is our success, so let's work together and grow!

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